Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson established the fabled Lockheed Skunk Works that was responsible for many designs and flight testing of aircraft such as the P-80, U-2, SR-71, F104, F-117, YF-22, and X-35.

Kelly Johnson Award

Individual Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Flight Test Engineering.

James S. McDonnell

James McDonnell was the founder of McDonnell Aircraft Company responsible for aircraft such as the F-2H, F-4D, F-4, and F-15 as well as many space vehicles such as the Apollo Command module.

James S. McDonnell Award

Team Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Flight Test Engineering.

Jesualdo Martinez

Jesualdo Martinez was a Spanish FTE at Airbus Defense & Space and member of the SFTE European Chapter Board who demonstrated and promoted the Society values of education, participation, and professionalism in the field of Flight Test Engineering. Jesulado and 4 fellow crew members perished in the crash of an A400M during a test flight in May 2015 from Seville airport. 

Jesualdo Martinez Award

As a memorial for Jesualdo and our colleagues who have sacrificed their lives while performing their job, the European Chapter has established this award. The candidacies will be received by the European Chapter Board, and the award will be delivered every two years. The first one will be awarded this June during the 50th SFTE and 30th European Chapter Symposium in Toulouse. 


Directors Award

Recognition for significant and lasting contributions toward the welfare, stature, leadership, or membership of the Society.

2019 Kelly Johnson Award Winner

Mr. Andrew Maack

F-35 Pax River ITF Chief Engineer

Outstanding Technical & Safety Leadership 

JSF Flight Test Program since 1996

  X-35 USN Flight Test Lead
  F-35 USN Flight Test Chief Engineer

Led Pax River Flight Test Team of 800

Tech, Executive, Safety Board Chair

Austere & Ship-Based ops
  L Class, CVN, HMS Queen Elizabeth

8 Flight Test Shipboard Deployments

Safe, Effective Results for USN IOC for STOVL & CV Variants   

2019 James S. McDonnell Award

F-35 Lightning II 
Integrated Test Force   

Combined Effort of 2000 Personnel
LM, BAE, NGC, P&W & many other contractors
Air Force Test Center, Edwards AFB, CA
Naval Air Test Center, Pax River, MD

Eglin AFB, FL

China Lake, CA

Joint Program Office

3 Variants - CTOL, STOVL, CV 
9,200 Sorties

17,000 Flight Hours

65,000 Test Points

Austere & Ship-Based ops
L Class, CVN, HMS Queen Elizabeth

8 Flight Test Shipboard Deployments

15 Years

System Design & Development Completed March 2018 

2019 SFTE Directors Award

Mr. Dana Johnson

North Texas Chapter Lifetime Member
Secretary-Treasurer last 5 years

Planning Committees
2013 SFTE International Symposium
Annual Fall Southwest Symposium
Tech Support for 3 Monthly Programs
UT Arlington, UT Dallas, Flying Saucer Pub

Annual STEM Program at Moon Day

Developed simple, effective Livestream & Pod Cast Systems
All Current University Programs
Setting up for St. Louis 2020 SFTE Symposium

Developing SFTE App in 2019  

  Kelly Johnson Award Winners

 Year       Recipient                        Affiliation

2019  Andrew Maack     F-35 Pax River ITF Chief Engineer
2018  Tim Dutton
             Martin Aviation    

2017  Vanessa L. Bond     USAF SEEK EAGLE

2015  Alan R. Lawless       Honda Aircraft

2014  Frank S. Brown       Air Force Test Center

2013  Reagan K. Woolf     Air Force Test Center

2012  David L. Vanhoy     USAF Test Pilot School

2011  Tim Jorris                 USAF Test Pilot School

2010  John Minor              Hill Air Force Base  

2009  Ken Edwards           QinetiQ

2008  Robert N. Burton    BAE Systems

2007  Robert G. Hoey      USAF Flt. Test Center

2006  Gary L. Aldrich        USAF Test Pilot School

2005  Johnny Armstrong USAF Flt. Test Center

2004  Burt Rutan               Scaled Composites

2003  X-31 Vector USN, Boeing, EADS, DLR, BWB, RJK

2002  Charles E. Webb     NAWC Aircraft Div.

2001  George Ka'iliwai III  USAF Test Pilot School

2000  Frank W. Burcham  NASA Dryden 

1999  R. Dale Reed             NASA Dryden

1998  Anatoly G. Kruglov  Aviation Reg., Russia

1997  Richard Hildebrand USAF Flt.Test Center

1996  Charles Van Norman USAF Flt.Test Center

1995  Joseph L. Dunn        NAWC Aircraft Div.

1994  F-16 MATV Team     Lockheed, GE, USAF

1993  David E. Gibbings    Westland Helicopters

1992  Donald  Wyrick        Lockheed

1991  Joint STARS      Grumman, USAF,US Army

1990  Roger C. Crane        USAF Flt.Test Center

1989  Kenneth W. Iliff        NASA Dryden

1988  Eugene J. Zehr          McDonnell Douglas

1987  William E. Jennings  Bell Helicopter

1986  Charles E. Adolph    USAF Flt.Test Center

1985  Chester B. Payne     Lockheed

1984  James H. Lincoln      Boeing

1983  Frederick Stoliker    USAF Flt.Test Center

1982  Frederick Schaefer  Grumman

1981  XV-15 Test Team      Bell Helicopter

1980  Donald D. Archer     Boeing

1979  Spirit 'TM' Team       Sikorsky

1978  Robert Samuelson   McDonnell Douglas

1977  Richard Abrams       Rockwell

1976  Harold Cheney         McDonnell Douglas

1975  Jack Strier                  USAF

1974  Ronald Magnuson   Bell Helicopter

1973  Kelly Johnson            Lockheed

James S. McDonnell

Award Winners

2019  F-35 Integrated Test Force
2018  Perlen II Project                                 

2017  F-35C ITF DT-III Team 

           CNAF, NAVAIR, NAWCAD, VFA-101

           USN - USS George Washington CVN-73
2016 F/A-18 Block H12 Pt. Mugu Detachment Flight Test Engineering Team

           ATAC Corp. (Hawker Hunter), Boeing
           F/A-18 & EA-18G Advanced Weapon Lab 
           NAWCWD China Lake & Point Mugu
           VFA-15 Virginia Beach
           VX-9, VX-31 China Lake
           VX-20, VX-23 Patuxent River
           82nd Aerial Targets Detachment

           NAWC Aircraft Division        

 2015 F/A-18E/F Magic Carpet Test Team

           USN - USS Nimitz CVN77   

           NAWC Aircraft Division
           Boeing, Atlantic Test Ranges

2014 TAI Flight Test Team

          Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI)

2013 X-51A Scramjet Engine Test Team

          Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne

          NAWC Point Mugu NAS
          NASA Dryden, DARPA, AFRL, AFTC
          Boeing, NASA, AFTC
          Northrop Grumman 

2012 Phantom Eye Test Team

           MAHLE Powertrain

2011 NAVY UCAS Integrated Test Team

          USAF, NAVAIR

          Northrop Grumman

2010 X-51A Scramjet Engine Test Team

          Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Rocketdyne
          NAWC Point Mugu NAS
          NASA Dryden, DARPA, AFRL, AFTC

          Boeing, NASA, AFTC
          Northrop Grumman
2009 T-45 HSRIP Flight Test Team

          Boeing, United States Navy

2008 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Test Team

          Northrop Grumman, United States Navy

2007 EA-18G 'Growler' Flight Test Team

          NAWC-WD China Lake

          Boeing, Northrop Grumman 

          VX-9, VX-31 Advanced Weapons Lab

          VX-23 NAS Patuxent River

          VX-30 NAS Point Mugu 

2006 X-43A Flight Test Team

          Orbital Sciences

          NASA Langley

          NASA Dryden

SFTE Directors
Award Winners

 Year    Recipient                    Affiliation

2019  Dana Johnson   Texas Instruments 
  Mark Jones Jr     Honda Aircraft

2015  Kari Seppanen   Boeing

2014  Sam Carbaugh   USAF (Retired)    

2013  Douglas Bell       Boeing

2012  Brooks Faurot    Lockheed

2011  Steven Martin     USAF  

2010  Michael Bartlett  Boeing  

2009  Andy Hammer     Boeing

2008  Edward Breau     Naval Air Systems Cmd.

2007  John L. Minor       USAF Test Pilot School

2006  James Sergeant   Lockheed Martin 

2005  Tom Briggs           NAWC AD

2004  Joseph Turner     Boeing            

           Barbara  Wood   QinetiQ

2003  Dean Carico         NAWC AD

2002  Lee S. Gardner    USAF Flight Test Center

           Darcy S. Painter   USAF Flight Test Center

2001  Allan T. Webb       USAF Flight Test Center

2000  Alan R. Lawless     NTPS

1999  Franz J. Enzinger   Daimler Chrysler Aero 

1998  Harold E. Weaver  Boeing

1997  Clifford E. Moore   Boeing

1996  Roger L. Counts     TYBRIN Corporation

1995  William Cutler        Northrop Grumman 
1994  Gosta Niss              Saab-Scania (Retired)

1993  J. Roy Combley       Boeing (Retired)

1992  John A. Taylor        Veda

1991  Wim Dijkshoorn    Fokker

1988  Clayton Houston   Lockheed

1987  George P. Gayes   Grumman

           Ronald E. Hart       USAF Flight Test Center

1986  Jack Strier               USAF Flight Test Center

1985  Bob Johnstone      USAF Flight Test Center

           Roger H. Jones       Boeing

Jesualdo Martinez
Award Winners

 Year       Recipient                        Affiliation

2019        To Be Announced in Toulouse 13 June


Nominations for these awards, except the Directors award, are accepted from individual members and chapters. Director award nominations are accepted from chapters only. Nominations with supporting rationale and recommendations should be submitted to SFTE HQ. Individuals or teams nominated do not have to be members but are encouraged to join.