Current college or university student enrolled in the sciences, mathematics or engineering


One of the following two criteria:

1. Engaged in an activity, possess scientific attainments, or have practical experience which qualifies as cooperation with flight test engineering  activities 

2. The designated representative from a corporate member


Engaged in flight test engineering and one of the following three criteria:
1. Bachelor of Science or post-graduate degree in engineering or in a physical science
2. Bachelor in a field other than engineering or physical science and at least 2 years experience in engineering
Degree from a university, college or technical school and at least 4 years experience in flight test engineering


Primarily engaged and experienced in flight test engineering, defined as the application of the principles of the physical sciences together with the principles of economics and human relations, to fields that pertain directly to flight test techniques, procedures, associated instrumentation or data systems. In addition, fulfill the criteria in one of the following paragraphs: 

  • Hold a post-graduate degree in engineering or in a physical science and at least 1 year experience in flight test engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in engineering or in a physical science and at least 2 years in flight test engineering
  • Bachelor degree in a field other than engineering or  a physical science and at least 4 years in flight test engineering
  • No degree but at least 7 years in flight test engineering

Senior Member

Primarily engaged in the field of flight testing and fulfill one of the following two sets of criteria:

Criteria 1
A. Active member for at least 5 consecutive years 
B. Held a position as a local or international Society officer, Tech Council Member, or Symposium committee member (or a combination thereof) for at least two terms

C. Written and formally presented at least 2 formal technical papers at an SFTE symposium or workshop
Criteria 2
A. Active member for at least 10 consecutive years
B. Either 1B or 1C from above


The highest grade achievable in SFTE is Fellow. A Senior Member in good standing for at least two years who has attained a position of notable distinction in the field of flight testing can be nominated by a member or Chapter and is selected by their peers (those Fellows in good standing). They are awarded with an automatic lifetime membership in the Society along with the distinction and responsibility associated with this honor.

  • For < 1000 SFTE Members up to 2 Fellows can be elected per year
  • For >1000 SFTE Members up to 3 Fellows can be elected per year

Lifetime Membership

  • Up to 65 years old  
         $2050 - (25 x Member's Age)
  • 66 years or older 



Year      Honoree                        Residence

2018  Samuel Carbaugh       Beavercreek OH

2018  Jon Whitworth             Yuma, AZ

2017  Douglas A. Bell            Tustin, CA

2017  Timothy Jorris, PhD     Lancaster, CA

2016  Michael F. Bartlett      Bothell, WA

2015  Jeffrey G. Canclini       Fort Worth, TX
2013  David L. Vanhoy          Rosamond, CA
2012  John D. Korstian          Benbrook, Texas
2012  Gerald L. Jones            Prescot, Arizona
2011  Daniel Hrehov             Maple Valley, WA
2011  Peter H. Donath, Jr.    Cypress, CA
2010  David E. Gibbings       Somerset, England
2010  George J. Cusimano   Tehachapi, CA

2009  Gerald Dean Carico*  Ridge, MD

2009  Alan R. Lawless           Greensboro, NC 

2009  Joseph G. Turner         Florissant, MO

2008  Joseph T. Dagata, Jr.   Lancaster, CA
2008  Barbara A. Wood        Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

2007  John L. Minor               California City, CA
2007  James L. Sergeant       Keller, TX

2006  Ronald E. Hart              Keizer, OR

2006  Harold E. Weaver         Ballwin, MO 

2005  Roger L. Counts            Lancaster, CA

2004  Franz-Josef Enzinger*  Lenting, Bavaria, Germany

2003  William J. Norton          California City, CA
2002  Randall C. Smith          Arlington, TX

2001  James V. Upton           Canyon Country, CA

2000  David J. Houle               Laguna Beach, CA

1999  Allan T. Webb                Lancaster, CA

1998  John W. Beckett*          Irving, TX

1997  Charles Van Norman* Wellington, NV

1996  Clayton E. Houston      Marietta, GA

1995  Donald D. Archer*       Clinton, WA

1994  Charles E. Adolph         Albuquerque, NM 

1994  Jack Strier*                     Lancaster, CA

1994  Eugene J. Zehr*             Manchester, MO

1994  Richard Abrams*          Los Angeles, CA
1994  Roger C. Crane              Lancaster, CA