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Compiled by SFTE Tech Council

Technical Data, Information, & Reference Material for Flight Testing

2013 3rd Edition

2017 Air Data Addendum
2019 Comms Systems Testing & RTD Display Guidelines Addendum

Reference Handbook

2013 3rd Edition

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  • Complete Reference Handbook for computer screen viewing and/or printing in a 8.5” by 11” format which includes book marks and thumbnails for ease of navigation
  • 2017 update corrects an error on page 6-9 (replacing theta with phi in first term of second line of second matrix) and adds a new subsection for helicopter performance parameters
  • Provided by Julie Clark and Mark Roots

Free Hard Copy Notebook 
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  • Members are entitled to a FREE hard copy version of notebook, just pay postage and handling. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.
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  • To update older hard copy editions to the 2013 Third Edition, print out page 06-9 and pages 16-6 through 16-12 from the download below
  • To update older 2013 Third Edition hard copies to include the 2019 Addendum, print out Sections 20 and 21 from the download below

Air Data Calculation Software

2017 Addendum

This addendum provides air data calculation and conversion software, provided by Kelan Sisk and Al Lawless (subject to the disclaimers in the two powerpoint slide presentations) 


  • Explains use of AirDat32A.exe Air Data Parameter Calculator file below 


  • Air Data Parameter Calculator


  • Explains  installation and use of AirDat32A.xla file below which is an MS Excel add-In for calculating air data parameters using Microsoft Excel


  • MS Excel Add-In for calculating air data parameters, generating tables of air data parameters, and preparing graphs

Airspeed Calculator Standard Atmosphere 2017

  • MS Excel file replacing previous two by combining the standard atmosphere tables and airspeed/Mach calculator.
  • Extends the standard atmosphere up to 105,000 feet
  • Adds dynamic pressure (q) to calculation options
  • Corrects glitch in supersonic KCAS calculation

Al Lawless: sfte@alawless.com

Communication Systems Testing & Real-Time Data Display Guidelines

2019 Addendum

This addendum adds two new sections to the SFTE Flight Test Engineering Reference Handbook:

Section 20: Communication Systems Testing

  • VHF Radios
  • HF radios
  • Other communication systems 

Section 21: Real‐Time Data Display Guidelines

  • General Display Guidelines
  • Visual Elements
  • Parameter Selection
  • Configuration Management
  • Documentation and Training
  • Further Reading, References, and Examples
  • Design Considerations for Color Vision Deficient Users

To view or download the 2019 Addendum, please click on the Section 20 and Section 21 buttons below for access to a PDF copy.


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