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Technical Data, Information, & Reference Material for Flight Testing

2013 3rd Edition

2017 Air Data Addendum

Reference Handbook
2013 3rd Edition

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  • Complete Reference Handbook for computer screen viewing and/or printing in a 8.5” by 11” format which includes book marks and thumbnails for ease of navigation
  • 2017 update corrects an error on page 6-9 (replacing theta with phi in first term of second line of second matrix) and adds a new subsection for helicopter performance parameters
  • Provided by Julie Clark and Mark Roots

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  • To update older hard copy versions, print page 6-9 and 16-6 through 16-12

Air Data Calculation Software

2017 Addendum

  • Provides air data calculations and conversions
  • Provided by Kelan Sisk and Al Lawless (subject to the disclaimers in the two powerpoint slide presentations) 
  • AirDat32A_executable.ppt
    Explains use of AirDat32A.exe Air Data Parameter Calculator file below 
  • AirDat32A.exe
    Air Data Parameter calculator
  • AirDat32A_Excel.ppt 
    Explains  installation and use of AirDat32A.xla file below which is an MS Excel add-In for calculating air data parameters using Microsoft Excel
  • AirDat32A.xla 
    MS Excel Add-In generates tables of air data parameters which can also be used to make air data graphs
  • Airspeed Calculator Standard Atmosphere 2017

MS Excel file replacing previous two by combining the standard atmosphere tables and airspeed/Mach calculator.
- Extends the standard atmosphere up to 105,000 feet
- Adds dynamic pressure (q) to calculation options
- Corrects glitch in supersonic KCAS calculation

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    Al Lawless: sfte@alawless.com

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