SFTE Papers Database now available through sfte.org

The SFTE Papers database has now been transferred from it's previous home into the new website, and 1200+ papers published by SFTE members since the first symposium in 1970 are now available and accessible to logged in members.

Full text search is still in progress of being rolled out, but at this time there are 3 main ways that members can access papers.
  1. A full directory listing including titles, authors, publication date and abstracts can be viewed through the file archive
  2. A curated view by topic can be browsed through the new Technical Library
  3. Papers since 2016 can be browsed by year of publication by visiting the relevant symposium page
Please provide any feedback via the message boards or to website@sfte.org, or contact us if you would like to provide input into the various pages within the Technical Library or suggest further categorizations. 

For an overview of the various access methods, please view the video below