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Past Symposia Papers

2015Evaluating Aircraft Wetting and In-Flight Liquid Fuel Migration during F-35 Fuel Dump Testing
2014Trying to Play a CD on a Record Player: Testing a Digital Upgrade to the A-10 Analog Fuel Quantity System
2008Flight Testing Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) Blend Fuels with USAF Military Aircraft
2008A Probabilistic In-Flight Thrust Estimation Process
2005Application of an In-flight Propulsion Systems Identification Technique to Develop a Business Jet Engine Model Using Flight Data
2004F-16C/D 600-Gallon Fuel Tank Certification in the Republic of Singapore Air Force
2003Flight Test Evaluation of Inlet Flow Control in a Highly Compact Serpentine Inlet Duct
2001737 Fuel Tank Ground-Based Inerting: Test Program Review and Safety Analysis
2001Initial Ground and Flight Developmental Tests of a n Advanced Technology Eight-Bladed Propeller System on the U.S. Navy E-2C Plus Airplane
1996A Fan Aeromechanical Flight Test Investigation on the F110 Engines
1991Increased Performance Engine Integration into the F-15E
1989Engine Water Ingestion Test
1987Flight Test Research on the Static Characteristics of Afterburner Fuel Control System for Turbojet Engines
1987The Application of Propulsion Analysis Techniques to Flying Qualities and Performance Testing of Turbine-Propeller Aircraft
1987Flight Testing the UDF/TM Engine
1986Effects of Inlet Temperature and Pressure Upon the Generalized Performance Parameters of the T56 Engine
1985Quantifying a Propeller/Engine Power Response Rate Mismatch
1985Flight Testing of General Electric High Bypass Engines Evolution and Revolution
1984A Flight Evaluation of a Digital Electronic Engine Control
1983Flight Testing the Digital Electronic Engine Control - A Unique Management Experience
1982Effect of Gun Gas Ingestion on Engine Performance
1982F101 DFE Flight Test Evaluation in the F-14 Aircraft
1982F101 DFE Flight Test Evaluation in the F-16 Aircraft
1982Direct Measurement of In-Flight Thrust for Aircraft Engines
1980JP-8 Fuel Conversion Evaluation
1979Measurement and Correlation of Structural Response to Inlet Hammershock Phenomena on an F-14A Airplane
1979Investigation of Engine Performance Degradation of TF33-P-7 Engines
1978J85-CAN-15 Compressor Stall and Flameout Investigation
1978A Simplified Gross Thrust Computing Technique for an Afterburning Turbofan Engine
1976The Development and Flight Test of an Electronic Integrated Propulsion Control System
1974A New Jet Engine Thrust Measuring System: An Advancement in Flight Test Engineering
1973Inflight Thrust and Base Pressure Survey on the A- 7 Airplane
1971Flight Test Evaluation of Open Loop Control System s for External Compression Engine Air Inlets