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Past Symposia Papers

2021Development and Flight Testing of the Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft (MRPA)
2019Testing Highly Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft
2019Recent Developments in Flight Test of Unmanned Vehicles at Airbus Defence & Space Germany
2019Framework for Safe, Effective and Efficient Testing of Autonomy
2018Design and Development of a High-Speed Autonomous UAS for Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) Operations
2018Qualification of MQ-9B for SATCOM Taxi, Takeoff, and Landing
2016Flight Testing Commercial UAVs in the Era of Autonomy
2014NTPS Optionally Piloted Aircraft Sensor Payload Integration, Optimization, and Test Program
2013Development, Certification, and Flight Testing of an Optionally Piloted Aircraft for Unmanned Aircraft System Flight Test Technique Development and Training at the National Test Pilot School
2013AA241X: Stanford’s UAV Design Course
2013Small Unmanned Air System (SUAS) Design Education Flight Testing Lessons Learned
2013Before Predator: The Early History of USAF Remotely Piloted Aircraft
2013Research Challenges in UAV Networks and Communications
2013UAV Test Pilots and SETP
2013Testing Advanced Guidance, Navigation and Control Methods with Indoor/Outdoor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
2013Atmospheric Flight Test of Unmanned Space Vehicles on a Modern Range
2012Autonomous Aerial Rendezvous of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems using a Towed Cable System
2010Flight Testing with Small Electric Powered UASs
2010A Testbed for Unmanned Aircraft System Sense and Avoid
2005Global Hawk Automatic Contingency Generator Flight Test
2003X-45A Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) Contingency Management System Flight Test
2003Autonomous Flight Tests of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
2001VISTA - A 21st Century UAV Testbed
2000UK Certification of Military UAVS
1999RQ-4 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Flight Testing
1994UAV Applications Testing - DESA's Approach
1992HALE UAVs: Their Technology and Potential
1992Utilization of Radio-Controlled Flying Models for Low Cost Research and Development
1990Research Flight Test of a Scaled Unmanned Air Vehicle
1989DoD Non-Lethal Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Joint Project Test and Evaluation
1985Flight Test Experience and Controlled Impact of a Large, Four-Engine Remotely Piloted Airplane
1975Antiship Cruise Missile Threat Simulation Utilizing RPV
1973Development and Flight Test of a Radio Controlled Ornithopter Prototype
1971Test and Evaluation of a Versatile Drone Automatic Flight Control System for the BQM-34A