The Society of Flight Test Engineers is a fraternity of engineers, whose principal professional interest is the flight testing of aerospace vehicles. The objective of the Society is the advancement of flight test engineering throughout the aerospace industry by providing technical and fraternal communication among individuals, both domestic and international, in the allied engineering fields of test operations, analysis, instrumentation and data systems.


Event Registration - Society of Flight Test Engineers 

52nd SFTE International Symposium - St. Louis

10/11/2021 - 10/14/2021


The challenges and opportunities surrounding the application of traditional test techniques to new technology, autonomous aircraft, and space vehicles.

This event will be held with both in-person and virtual attendance options. In-person attendance will be conducted according to current local guidance for social distancing and face mask requirements.

Hotel rooms are not included in the registration cost. Book a room at the Embassy Suites St. Louis using the preferred rate at this link.

Government employees who need to pay via SF-182 may use the "Pay by Check" option to receive an invoice for payment.

Schedule of Events:

  • Welcome Reception - October 11, evening
  • Technical Presentation Sessions - October 12-14
  • Awards Banquet - October 14, evening

Location: Embassy Suites Hotel, Two Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO 63303

List of Papers:

  • Professionalism in Flight Test Engineering
    Darren McDonald, The Boeing Company
  • Flight Test Point Optimization Program for a Self-Protection Application
    Oscar Klempay & Rebecca Douglas, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
  • Applying traditional flight test safety risk management techniques to New/Novel aircraft
    Bill Jaconetti, The Boeing Company
  • Using A 1949 Piston Powered Airplane to Train 21st Century Flight Testers
    Russel Erb, USAF Test Pilot School
  • From V/STOL lessons learned to e-VTOL challenges and revolution
    Joao O. Falcao, International Test Pilot School Canada Ltd.
  • Virgin Orbit’s Airborne Mission Control: A unification of new space technology with heritage aviation & NASA crewed spaceflight operations
    Jason F. Panzarino, Sarah M. Barnes & Bryce Schaefer, Virgin Orbit
  • H-1 TopOwl Helmet Mounted Night Vision System Testing Using the Endsley’s Situational Model for Evaluation
    Maj Thomas B. Hutson, USMC & Ms. Melissa D. Hensler, USN
  • Things Flight Testers Should Know About Batteries for Electric Aircraft Propulsion
    Jennifer Uchida, AeroTec
  • Development and Testing of Classical Low Speed Envelope Tilt rotor Flight Control Laws
    Marc Alexander, National Research Council of Canada, Flight Research Laboratory & Neil Cameron, University of Liverpool
  • First Year of The E-VTOL Flight Test Council
    Al Lawless, Aurora Flight Sciences
  • How we can use Digital Engineering to Test Better
    Capt. Megan E. L. Burk & Capt. Riley A. Livermore, USAF
  • T-7A Flight Test - Coronavirus Impacts to Testing
    Scott Underwood, The Boeing Company
  • The Canadian Vertical Lift Autonomy Demonstration Project – Preliminary Flight Test Feedback
    Derek Gowanlock, National Research Council of Canada
  • The Instrumentation of Safety
    Jennifer Uchida, AeroTec
  • Flight Test Academy: A Video Based Instruction Series for Teachers and Students, Comprising of Aerospace STEM Projects that Explore Flight Test Engineering
    Daniel W. Hrehov, Flight Test Engineering Consultant
  • GPIM – De-orbit Maneuver Planning and Re-entry Prediction
    First Lieutenant Liberty M. Shockley, US Space Force
  • Test Planning Workflows: An Applications Based Approach
    Jennifer Uchida, AeroTec
  • Air Data Basics
    Darren McDonald, The Boeing Compay
  • Rapid Development of a Telemetric Situational Awareness System for Vertical Lift Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Instruction
    Marc Alexander & Kris Ellis, National Research Council of Canada, Flight Research Laboratory
  • Development and Flight Testing of the Manned Remotely Piloted Aircraft Test Pilot and Flight Test Engineer Instruction
    Danyang (Sannie) Xu, ITPS Canada









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National Test Pilot School Graduates

NTPS Selections for the 2021 Flight Test Engineer GA Program

(Mojave, CA) The National Test Pilot School (NTPS) is pleased to announce that the selection process for the 2021 Flight Test Engineer Graduate Assistant Program has been completed and we are excited to introduce the first three selectees.  

For More Information

Contact Mr. Pat Garman at Pgarman@ntps.edu

        Paul Alvarado.  Paul is a veteran and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the United States Naval Academy. After starting his major in Aerospace Engineering he set a goal of getting into flight test as a career. Paul gained some initial flight test experience testing the Beechcraft Barron 55 and working in support of NASA’s Operation Icebridge as part of his university studies.  He also has flight experience in piston, turbine, and jet aircraft.  Paul is extremely excited to join NTPS, continue his aerospace education as a GA, and ultimately join the Flight Test Profession as a FTE.

        Katelyn Gunderson.  Katelyn has been working hard towards a career in aerospace since she was a kid in North Dakota. She has a Master of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently a flight sciences engineer on Gulfstream aircraft at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. She has also interned as a staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives and as a flight test engineer at GE Aviation. An avid runner and Boston Marathon qualifier, Katlyn is also an avid blogger on STEM opportunities for women and girls. Katelyn see herself continuing to grow and develop as a lifelong professional in flight test and aerospace.

        Kelsey Krupicka.  A Texas native, Kelsey graduates in December 2021 with Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). Kelsey decided that Flight Test Engineering was her passion while on an engineering internship at Gulfstream and has been pursuing it hard ever since. After her internship she selected Flight Test Engineering as a minor and has participated in several flight test engineering projects at ERAU. Kelsey is ecstatic about joining NTPS as a GA and continuing on her path to become a professional FTE in the aerospace industry.

        Each selectee will participate in a three year work-study scholarship program designed to produce an exceptional FTE graduate who has a Master of Science Degree in Flight Test Engineering, a test pilot school Flight Test Engineer long course diploma, and three years of practical flight test engineering experience.

There were nearly 70 US and International candidates who applied for the 2021 NTPS GA Program the vast majority of which had very good files.  The candidates were asked to submit resumes, university transcripts and a letter explaining why they wanted to be in the program. Each candidate’s file received a complete review and the top 15 semifinalists were established. A second complete review established the top 8 finalists and then interviews were conducted. The quality of the applicants this year was so high that NTPS decided to select 4 applicants rather than the normal 2. 

In appreciation for everyone who applied for the GA program, every applicant who was not selected was offered a 25% tuition discount scholarship for the NTPS master’s degree program and all non-selected semifinalists were offered a 50% tuition discount scholarship for the NTPS master’s program.

The NTPS FTE GA program is a NTPS designed community give-back program with the goals of 1) providing a previously unobtainable test pilot school FTE education, training, and experience opportunity to young civilian engineers via a 100% scholarship, and 2) providing two or more exceptional civilian TPS FTE graduates to the flight test and aerospace communities each year. The NTPS GA Program is an ongoing multi-million dollar community give-back program managed, sponsored, and funded by NTPS. Any individual or organization interested in supporting or contributing to the NTPS GA Scholarship program should contact Mr. Pat Garman at pgarman@ntps

The mission of the National Test Pilot School is to educate and train military and civilian aviation personnel so that each graduate increases flight test competency, improves flight test and aviation safety, and enhances the aerospace profession world-wide. For more information about the world’s only accredited test pilot school go to www.ntps.edu


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